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Apple Does Not Get Social Media

Apple has brought us platforms that have expanded social media. It was through products innovated by apple, such as the iPhone and iPad, that allowed developers to write and produce applications that become the game changer in the social media sphere. Social media is the new way of life. Connection though different platforms is the way business must run to survive. Although apple has given us ‘this’ platform, Apple as a company does not get social media. It is because of this that apple will always have shortcomings. Here is why.

Closed Platform / Limited Communication

Apple has had a history of being a closed platform. Communication outside of the apple campus has always been ‘hush hush’. It’s because of this that they have missed the boat on many opportunities to improve their products. An example would be cut and paste in the iPhone. It took them 2 OS versions to finally include cut and paste. Twitter, blogs, all sources across the web were in an outcry when cut and paste was not implimented during the first and second major OS versions. Only after the third did apple finally listen to their fan base and did something about it. What does it take for Steve Jobs to actually listen to his fan base?

Twitter/Facebook Presence

There is none. I see Microsoft and Major Banks like Bank of America on Twitter all the time listening to their customer base. People like @comcastcares are out there listening to people and taking care of their issues. So far, I don’t see an @apple out there listening to what people have to say or managing any concerns. This concerns me because it shows that Apple has turned their backs on what people think, and it’s either Steve’s way of the Highway.

It seems to me that Steve Jobs is out there overseeing the world in his tower, surrounded with lightning and laughing menacingly at the people below. Once an Apple product has been purchased, it’s up to the people themselves to determine if things are appreciative or not. People who run Microsoft Zune is out there watching what people have to say and are up to the minute in their activities.

We need more companies out there to give products a personal touch. It’s only when things get personal, even through Twitter, that people express appreciation and allow companies to shine.

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